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Investing in our people is essential. At Bayview, we are not only looking to hire talented people, but develop their talents as well.

To this end, we provide professional development opportunities through a range of training programs, including our own Bayview University, which offers courses in industry-specific areas, as well as in technology, management techniques and leadership skills. As a firm that believes in promoting from within, our training programs foster our employees' professional development, and position them well for advancement opportunities.

Today, our work force is approximately 1,000 strong, and includes some of the most dedicated, experienced professionals in the mortgage finance industries. Together, these professionals demonstrate their commitment to excellence by working to strengthen our existing capabilities, and to identify new business opportunities that will help us build our customer base and expand the scope of our operations.


"There is no limit to the growth this company is experiencing. There's always something to look forward to. You hear people talk about "the Bayview way" which is our particular way of doing business. Identifying opportunities and moving quickly to take advantage of them. A lot of people aren't used to that fast-paced approach, but we thrive on it. It's the cornerstone of our success."

– Gladys Moure, VP Internal Audit




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